Knowing your intimate self

  • Dulcie Joe Co 3/216 David low way Peregian Beach

If all you know of sex is from fictional sources, how do you know if what you are experiencing is as good as it can get?
Feel like something is missing from your intimate life?
Are you experiencing connection as deep asyou would like?

Following a 37 year marriage that produced 7 children, Trish decided to pursue studies in relationships and sexual issues, to help others in their lives.Realising the extent to which family and religious culture, mixed with where you were raised, affected the way people think about relationships,Trish decided to specialise in helping people discover the extent of their cultural and environmental "cringes" and to help people get past them.She uses breathwork as a tool to help people get in touch with the level to which people are impacted by their backgrounds. Once discovered Trish uses open communication to help people work through these constraints, thus freeing them to form their own norms in relationships and their sex life.
Trish Lehman has spent the last ten years studying relationships and sex. This has led her to tantra, and the study of sexology. A qualified relationship counsellor Trish aims to get people to connect to the deeper levels of intimacy with their partners and with themselves.
Making sex an energetic exchange and taking it beyond physicality.Trish style is open and earthy, inducing an acceptance of speaking your truth.Trish puts people in touch with the level of pleasure they can achieve in their life through connecting with others