Face Reading with Narelle White

First she joined us for her book launch, now Narelle is running her first workshop on the sunny coast.

Join Narelle for this unique opportunity to study the art of physiognomy (face reading).
Learn what your face reveals about you; dominance pattern, will power, longevity, wealth and health and much more. This course is perfect if you would like to have something to refer to when making decisions about business partners, or important people in your life. Also a great course for practitioners, therapists and healers to take their understanding of their clients to new levels.
Narelle first studied Mienshieng face reading 27 years ago with Gefforey Wilson. She has taught at the college she founded in Cairns Feng Shui Oriental Medicine College and later studied face reading again with Lillian Bridges. Mienshiang face reading dates back 3000+ years and was used by monks, scholars and healers. The face is a topographic map of the past, present and future potential.

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