Energetics of Food

Join Narelle White, Noosa's original vegetarian restaurant founder, to gain an understanding of how food affects your body, mind and spirit.

Learn how to best look after emotions and organs, find your balance with food.

Using the chinese nourishment of soul principles that govern chinese medicine.

Week 1 will cover; Earth | sweet| stomach and spleen | empathy

Week 2 will cover; Metal | spicy | lungs and large intestine | disappointment

Week 3 will cover; Water | salty | |kidney and bladder | fear

Week 4 will cover; Wood | sour | liver & gallbladder | frustration

Week 5 will cover; Fire | bitter | heart and small intestine | happiness


Included in the price is extensive notes and a scrumptious organic vegetarian supper each week (planned according to the elements that we cover)