Why You Why Now

Well... why the hell not?

Ok lets start with what is standing between you and the life you want to live... If you are already living that life this post is not. for. you.

Is it time? if it is i have a question, DO you read? or watch TV? or socialise? or play sport? How many of those hours could you dedicate to making your life more closely aligned with you. Where you want to go, and who you are.

I read a post today in a group I am part of... "my boyfriend tells me my artwork is rubbish" My advice was walk the hell away. Get someone in your corner. Just one person who backs you. If you have no one who backs you in your life, find an inspiring person who has a podcast and listen to it enough that their voice becomes louder than the voices around you telling you not too.

The Merrymaker sisters who are speaking at our event are a perfect example of this. And they have a great podcast to listen to to start getting your head where it needs to be. But mostly they have each other in their corner. Backing themselves and each other and they move foward in leaps and bounds. 

This life we have is for living... How best can you do that?