you can't kill creativity, I'm proof

When I was 20 I worked night shift on the mines, in WA. Starting at 5 every night working in teams of 2. We would clean 40 or 50 toilets and the amount of floor we mopped was measured in square kilometers! 2 or 3 hundred bins to empty. 20 or so kitchenette/mess halls.


What was interesting about this is, I would make different patterns in the way I mopped. I left notes from the 'cleaning fairies' on peoples desks. While scrubbing huge blocks of endless toilets I would mix up a potent chemical combination then drizzle it all over the place in swirly patterns. (then hose the entire block out with a fire hose leaving all the toilet paper soaked hehehehe) I would spend hours planning pranks. Carrying them out on the various night shift teams across the site.

In short my CREATIVE side did EVERYTHING it could to make itself known. In the mornings after a long night working my friend and I would take turns trying to gross each other out with the things we had found through the night. Ridiculous stories of how we figured those things had happened.

It doesn't matter whether or not you consider yourself creative. YOU are CREATIVE.

If you've ever cooked, you are creating.

If you've cleaned you are creating.

If you've gardened you are creating.

If you've ever told a story about your day, you are creating.

So next time you get asked if your creative say YES. Give yourself permission to consider yourself creative. Come along to a workshop and learn a new skill. Don't worry if its not perfect. Enjoy the creation of it anyway.

Drawing, writing, making, crocheting, knitting, gardening, designing, photography, these are just skills we learn. The creativity is a part of us.

Tess xx