August 29th in Noosa

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Dreamers | Hustlers | Creators

This is an opportunity we haven't yet had in Noosa, a chance to see some major players in Print, Tech, Health and Wellness and the Creative Industry. Coming at you live and in Full colour on August 29th are

  • Lisa Messenger Founder of Collective Hub
  • Jamila Rivzi, Author of Not Just Lucky and News LTD columnist
  • The Merry Maker Sisters, Get Merry recipes and App and influencers
  • Christy from PLANN The instagram planning app
  • Karina Sharpe, Concept Artist and Photographer of small things
  • Kelly Carthy, founder of Luxe Escapes
  • Robyn Gipters, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Symmone Gordon, Astrologist and business strategist
  • Natalee Andersen, Founder of Fat burning women

Women who have built amazing followings and empires and businesses who want to encourage you to do the same. To 'Back Yourself'.

We are lucky enough to have some amazing sponsors such as Noosa Council.